Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Petitions and More, July 29 Sign to END the Toro de la Vega! If not signed yet: against Bullfighting, against cruel events!  Serbia, stop the unlawful confiscation and killing of Dogs in the Bač municipality! Confirm please Justice for Cecil, famous lion with black manes of Zimbabwe, killed for 50 000, confirm The Netherlands, reduce the VAT rate of veterinarians, to lower the threshold  to visit a veterinarian when animals need medical care! Spain, Granada, no more killing, more humane, fair and reasonable treatment in the dogpound Motril, castrations, expansion, volunteers to help these dogs find a home! Turkey, asking for the right to feed animals at fixed locations, treat them medically, and to have them neutered Argentina, no more deaths at the beach  Sri Lanka, save Sinharaja Rain Forest from Development Devastation  (for some petitions: you might want to check if your signature has been registered!) Ban the Trophy Hunting of African Lions and Protect them as Endangered Species Help Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade Tell the U.S House to Fight Illegal Wildlife Poaching Save Africa's Last Rhinos From Extinction Stand Against The Trafficking of Africa's Great Apes Release Activists Who Tried to Save Faroe Island Dolphins Demand that Dr. Walter James Palmer be expedited to Zimbabwe for the illegal poaching of Cecil the Lion
                    =========   News and more   ========== Pension Costs for Caki's 32 Furry Friends, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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