Saturday, July 18, 2015

Petitions and More, July 18 EU Commission: we are against Bullfighting and Blood Fiestas Subsidies! More signatures please! Stop the barbaric killing of Dogs in Kerala! US-info.  Senators and Representative, vote in favor of the anti-horse slaughter amendments to the 2016 Agriculture Appropriations bills! Italy, Dog pounds should be open to the public, to be visited freely at certain times of the day! To start, scroll down for the first link Spain, Calafell, investigate to find the culprit of the abuse of Hope! US-info. Protect the Wild and Scenic Smith River from Strip Mining
                 =======  News and more  ========= Arrested, Jon Williamson, AKA Joseph Dimitri, AKA Jose Calos Depre, AKA International Animal Rescue Foundation (IARF), AKA Say No To Dog Meat (SNTDM) scammer, and much more


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