Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Petitions and More, May 31 Once more please. ZIP=5 digits. Trump Administration Moves to Slaughter America's Mustangs: Tell Congress No! Ban wolf snaring: Protect the Eastern wolf and promote Ontario as a leader in conservation ethics! (US info accepted) Make Ontario a world leader in wolf conservation!  The Canadian Government is backlogged with changes to species-at-risk and have proposed an eastern wolf management plan… almost 10 years late! (deadline May 30...) US-info. Tell USFWS to Ensure Survival of Only Wild Population of Red Wolves! US-info. It is not necessary to injure and kill animals in combat trauma training exercises when high-tech simulators that provide more realistic experiences are available.Support the BEST Practices Act, H.R. 1243! Put a complete stop to use of animals in harmful experiments  Three climate warriors from the Greenpeace boat Taitu have been charged by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for a peaceful protest against offshore oil exploration More signatures please. Germany, request to change the German Animal Protection Act: animals must finally be recognized as sentient creatures, animal cruelty acts must be prohibited and animal cruelty must be treated as a serious crime with tougher punishments! France. Justice for dog Bonnie, innocent victim, tortured with a corkscrew! Mexico. No more Impunity and Animal Abuse in Edo! Request to remove Alejandra Arias Molina, Deputy Attorney Fauna Protection, due to her poor performance and incompetence to attend and resolve complaints of animal abuse during her management, favoring animal abusers and showing little progress and workload for independent protectors. Assign an official committed to animal welfare who complies with the profile, attitude and resolving capacity to enforce the law and deal with the allegations in a forceful manner! Spain. Target? Create an APDA, Animal police dep. in Seville! Brazil. Municipality of Jundiaí make a move, especially in the peripheries where there are many dogs and cats abandoned and not neutered, start a free neutering program! Brazil. Prefecture of Belo Horizonte, stop catching and removing the colony -cats from the Municipal Park of BH! Protest! Private investors are on the verge of developing industrial fishing in the Marquesas in the Pacific Ocean. As of September 2017, they plan to fish 6 to 10 tons of tuna per day! France. Against 'Les Chats Libres de Béziers' , profiteers, and guilty of animal maltreatment Stop Trump from re-opening America's coasts to oil and gas drilling Tell Congress: Save Our Environmental Protections Thank AG Bob Ferguson for Standing Up to Coal Mining on Public Lands Tell Congress: Stand Up To Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda
              ========   News and more   ======== American Wild Horse Campaign  Zarcovica Animal Shelter, on a mountain outside Dubrovnik in Croatia  Boycott Dog & Cat Meat Trade Worldwide - How to help stop this EVIL trade, updates


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