Monday, May 22, 2017

Petitions and More, May 22 Please ban meat from cruel "shackle and hoist" slaughterhouses from coming into the U.S. ! Countless cows are being pinned to the floor with painful tools, strung up by one leg, and stabbed through the spine while fully conscious!  To: ; ; ; ; ;   Subject: Shackle and hoist Kosher certifiers: the world wants an end now to Kosher certification on meat that was killed using the cruel "shackle and hoist" method, where countless cows are being pinned to the floor with painful tools, strung up by one leg, and stabbed through the spine while fully conscious! Send a message please. CCTV in all Scottish slaughterhouses! Stop NIH from wasting taxpayer money on cruel, useless animal experiments and direct the agency to focus on superior, modern-day, non-animal research methods instead! Nevada residents, let Governor Sandovol know that you support AB 101, to save mountainlions, ravens, coyotes and bears! For all: to post your message End the use of cruel aerial gunning, poisoning and trapping on our shared public lands! US-info. Interior Secretary Zinke: No seismic blasting in the Atlantic US-info. Tell your Senators: Help save the EPA from Trump and his Big Oil cronies Spain. According to the Law of Protection of Domestic Animals, Law 1/1990, "The breeding and commercialization of animals without the corresponding licenses and permits is prohibited."  Animal lovers are fed up with seeing on the internet sales pages, even special sections, for the sale of pets! Spain.  Spanish (industrial) farms should be reported on the conditions in which they treat their animals, and be closed in case of mistreatment! Russia. Social Network VKontakte: stop the lawlessness and restore the account of the legitimate group which was created to help homeless cats, by Lily Moskvina; these cats are deprived of any chance to be helped! Russia. Millions of budget funds are allocated for the maintenance of the Sakhalin state farms. But most of it disappears. Please exercise tight control over the use of these allocated funds, and prosecute those responsible for the death of many animals under their deteriorated living conditions! France. No to the euthanasia of the 100 Java macaque's of the "Pinède des singes", placed under liquidation, in Labène (and no to using them for experiments!) Spain. Gov. of Coruña, investigate in depth this dog prison in the back of the Centro Agora,  Place of Gramela, 17, Coruña, the abominable abusive living conditions, the state of health of the dogs and the access to the location Italy. Investigate and stop all below- standard privat kennels and those in which no form of control is possible by associations, animalisti and volunteers Italy. Mun. of Foggia, request for reopening the kennel, which must include health care according to Law 12/95, measures for protection of companion animals and stray dogs in order to have them regain dignity and a safe and welcoming home Argentina. Caucete, San Juan, urgently needs a mobile clinic and vet for free spay and neuter actions Belgium, the Netherlands: Stop the inferior  breeding facility, puppy mill, of Woefkes Ranch now  Galveston, Texas: No More Crash landings for America's Songbirds
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