Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Petitions and More, May 10 Protest! Manager at 'Simply Halal' Allowed to Oversee Horse Slaughter... Protest. Pigs have to live and suffer under the cover of ‘animal welfare’: against ‘Tierwohl label’ – choose vegan products! REPSA: Do right by the victims of destructive palm oil policies in Guatemala Montenegro. Bar. To create shelters according to the law on the protection of animals and nature. Confirm signature  More sign. needed. For a Ministry of Animal Welfare, the Netherlands  Say NO to the NomadFest Urban Rodeo! Needs 30,000 sign. Stop to deliberately disfigure French Bulldogs!  US-info. Stand with the Gwich’in Nation and Protect the Arctic Refuge US-info. Docket EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190, Benefits of EPA Clean Water Programs Russia. Asking for a legislative ban on testing of chemicals and cosmetics on animals ... There is an alternative ..! Needs a lot of signatures! Germany. Update the German Animal Protection Act! Animals must finally be recognized as sentient creatures; Animal cruelty must be prohibited; Animal cruelty must be considered to be a crime with sincere penal sanctions
            ========   News and more   ========= The new S. Korean president 5 Life-Saving Environmental Rules Industry Just Asked Trump to Attack


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