Saturday, May 20, 2017

Petitions and More, May 20 Germany. We demand that the patenting of genetically modified test animals and the genetic modification of farm animals be prohibited!  Strengthen Ethics!  Save the Bosnian fur farming ban: it MUST come into force in 2018 as planned!  1) Stop Hilton's Evil Plans to Kill Cats! 2) Mobilize to Save Wildlife Rescue Under Attack! Current Advocacy Campaigns from IDA's Action Center Speak Out for the Mountain Lions, Bighorn Sheep and Other Wildlife of Bears Ears! End pig suffering in Sweden. Scroll down to sign please If not sent yet. Cancel plans to strip grizzlies of federal protections US-info. If not sent yet. Don't destroy the Endangered Species Act US-info. Urgent: We Only Have Until May 26 to Save Sacred Lands in Utah! If not signed yet.  CCAMLR, please designate marine protected areas in the Weddell Sea and in the waters off East Antarctica, protect Penguin Habitat in East Antarctica and the Weddell Sea US-info. Trump's trade moves threaten to make NAFTA even worse for climate! Turkey. Suleymanpaşa Municipality, like every municipality, has a duty to establish a feeding center for the animals living on the street, according to the Law on the Protection of Animals Russia. Improve the living conditions for the animals in the zoo Seversk, Tomsk region Russia. Ban eating animals Spain.The proposal of ERC for the reduction of veterinary VAT (from 21 to 10%) was approved at the full Congress; act upon this asap! Spain. Carmena: No to the draining of lago casa campo, it will kill  end up with more half of its animals To protect Foxes from Culling / Hunts ( to keep the Ban on Hunting) To Demand better rights for our Wildlife Protect New Mexico's National Monuments and Our Outdoor Economy  (exclude hunting...) Demand that the "Bullets & Bacon" Contest be Terminated
                  ==========   News and more   ========== UK.A General Election has been called for 8 June, we'd love to know what your campaign priorities are for the next government (animal welfare)


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