Friday, May 19, 2017

Petitions and More, May 19 ZIP=5 digits. Say “No” to BLM Roundup of Red Desert Wyoming Wild Horses! Take action please, sign or send an email Only Spanish info, DIN or NIE nr. Requesting a general Law in Spain for Animal Welfare! A hunter can shoot a dog or a cat abandoned in Castilla La Mancha, in Andalusia it would be sanctioned. A rooster can be forced to fight in Canaria, but in Galicia it is prohibited. Horses in Galicia will not be protected, in Catalonia horses are protected as domestic animals. In Catalonia there are no bullfights  President Peña Nieto of Mexico, we demand action to protect the vaquita!  Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996; Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment. Extend the deadline for comments on Bears Ears, hold public meetings, and conduct a much more inclusive and accessible public and tribal engagement process before rushing to an unprecedented decision to shrink or repeal any of our national monuments ZIP=5 digits. Reject the nomination of David Bernhardt for Deputy Secretary of the Interior.  Bernhardt would have influence over fossil fuel development on our public lands and national monuments. Bernhardt’s ties to the oil industry disqualify him for this job! Turkey. Karaburun, town of Izmir, install security camera systems for the dog shelters to catch the poisoners, living in the vicinity! Turkey. Improve the conditions in the animal hospice, quarantine area, to prevent the deaths of these animals, the tiny, dirty cages are scorching hot during summer and freezing cold during winter; there should be a guard/vet, 24/7 for continued treatment and for emergencies! Adoptions should be stimulated! Turkey. Confiscate the still living dogs from abuser İmrahor Quarter Abdullah, Gül street 243, house owners Arnavutkoy Istanbul!
close the Sariyer Municipal Animal Neutering and Rehabilitation Center ! Turkey. Against the changes in the draft for the law on the Protection of Animals, 5199, this draft will result in a lot of killing of stray dogs and cats! New negotiations are necessary, conditions have to be conscientious and humane!  Do not kill this fox family! Update. Germany. According to the press report of the SWR, the Fox nest is empty now, the foxes have resettled elsewhere by themselves Bundeskabinett: prosecute the Rollkur with horses in Germany as a crime France. Hope for the animals of the refuge of Montélimar, improve conditions, better management needed Tell the Australian Government to Label Palm Oil Products  Demand that Sherman County Stop Forcing Roundup Pesticides on Organic Farmland!
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  1. Can't sign the spanish petition without dni/nie :(

    1. correct, it's only for people who have Spanish identification


    Was taken to the already signed page.

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