Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Petitions and More, May 3 Send a quick online message to the International Olympic Committee  ZIP=5 digits. Remove language in Section 116 of the Omnibus spending bill that will strip up to 50,000 wild horses and burros of federal protections that were passed unanimously by Congress and have been in place for nearly 50 years! ZIP=5 digits. Thank Congressional leaders that worked to keep anti-wolf and other harmful legislative riders out of the funding bill !  An end to Animal testing within the EU We urge the European Union to introduce a complete ban on animal testing for household products and their ingredients, as it has already happened for cosmetics  US-info. Members of Congress: Protect imperiled ocean life by opposing any legislation that would weaken the Endangered Species Act! Save Dolphins from death on a hook,  stop the reintroduction of pelagic longline fishing gear off the U.S. West Coast before marine life suffers the consequences! US-info.  Members of Congress, No dangerous new offshore drilling and oil spills – uphold the protections we’ve won for the Atlantic and Arctic Dear Ministers and Secretary: stop, deny permits and cancel the project of a Chinese fishing port in Uruguay, proposed by the company ShanDong Bao Ma!  ZIP=5 digits. Tell Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, to protect public lands and waters from drilling  ZIP=5 digits. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: reconsider your decision, and protect public health by banning chlorpyrifos  Bolivia. San Borja, Department of Beni. Stop the chasing and stabbing to death of Bulls under the disguise of 'tradition'!  As well. Bolivia. San Borja, Department of Beni. Stop the chasing and stabbing to death of Bulls under the disguise of 'tradition'! Argentina. Ban Animal experiments, look for alternatives! Mexico. Yucatan. Exemplary punishment for animal abuse of exploited horses Guatemala. Stop  transmitting jaripeo or bullfighting on telecentro channel 41 as it is animal abuse and violence Mexico. Merida. Prevent the exploitation of horses, at most 8 hours to work, water available Turkey. Akhisar District of Manisa. No more prohibiting feeding stray animals, protection needed under the animal protection law, for animals and care-takers Save the flamingos of the Morrocoy National Park, Cuare Wildlife Refuge; due to the installation of a 12-kilometer electric line that crosses the refuge, they collide with the cables of these high poles during their nocturnal flights and are electrocuted! We want vegetarian and vegan burgers at McDonald's and Burger King
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