Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Petitions and More, May 17 Urge the Federal Government of Mexico to strengthen laws to protect animals and ensure animals are rendered unconscious and insensible to pain before having their throats slit! Stop the bile bear industry in Vietnam! Needs more signatures Company Sells Hair Ties Made From Skinned Rabbits, SSense,  Stop Selling Fur Immediately! Save the Kurgalsky Reserve - one of the most valuable natural areas in north-west Russia, from the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2! One logging company in Canada — Resolute Forest Products — refuses to change its destructive ways. In order to cover its tracks, it is trying to silence Greenpeace by way of multi-million dollar lawsuits Urgent. Act by May 17: No Forced Spraying of Roundup on this Organic Farm! Take a stand for forests and free speech JPMorgan Chase, Don’t fund Keystone XL and Trans Mountain  ZIP=5 digits. Stop Trump From Selling Out Our Monuments! US-info. Big Ag is making a last ditch effort to stop GMO labeling  These petitions need more signatures!  Romania. Stop the incarceration and killing of street dogs and start with castration programs! Spain. Urgent, Protest! Animal Torture in the 'Night in White, Malagueña', 20 of May 2017, during the Magistral Class of Tauromaquia 5 young bulls will be tortured to death! Protest! EU Regulation No. 1143/2014 is intended to prevent and reverse the spread of animals and plants from outside Europe. The EU Commission on Environment and Maritime Affairs, headed by Karmenu Vella, foresees the eradication of 37 animals and plants listed. On the IGA list (invasive alien species) there is a cute deer, raccoon, raccoon dog and not least the nutria. These animals are to be eradicated throughout Europe! Spain. Madrid. Against the killing of cats being positive on FIV and FeLV; apply the catch, neuter, return method! Argentina. No more abandoned, stray Animals, stop maltreatment Argentina. Caleta Olivia. Carry out a mass sterilization campaign in the city, since the problem of canine overpopulation is serious and is not being attended to properly Italy. Do not relocate the 3 dogs of the Experimental Zooprophylactic to a dogpound! Spain. Urgent. Request the Animal Health Department of Agriculture and Livestock Not to kill Margarita the cow and to let her stay in the Shrine El ProVegan Home; Margarita always has been a gentle companion animal! France. Pres. Macron. Abolish bullfighting in France! Spain. A ban on Bullfighting, Galicia, stop endorsing these cruel acts in your regulatory framework! Spain.  Molar-Madrid: cancel the bullfights at the events on 26, 27 and 28 May 2017 ! Mexico. Request for a free, public veterinary hospital and animal shelter in Milpa Alta, CDMX Germany. Brandenburg in the district of Märkisch Oderland. Successful nature conservation is eliminated for more windmills!  Mexico. Tlalpan. We Have To End The Animal Abuse And Sale Of Puppies in the Pericoapa Bazaar .... Urgent: Hold Denmark Accountable for the Slaughter of Pilot Whales!
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