Friday, December 2, 2016

Petitions and More, December 2 Téléthon, stop paying cruel experiments on dogs by the Ecole nationale vétérinaire Alfort in France! Dogs are deliberately bred to develop crippling muscle diseases!;jsessionid=00000000.app340b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=299 ZIP=5 digits. Demand that Coca-Cola Commit to a Meaningful Animal Welfare Policy Mexico. Combat horrific cruelty in slaughterhouses!  Once more. Urge the Federal Government of Mexico to strengthen laws to protect animals and ensure animals are rendered unconscious and insensible to pain before having their throats slit!  US-info. Act Now! Speak Up For Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves! NOAA Fisheries, hold our fisheries to a higher standard and work to end the use of drift gillnets   Needs more attention: EU, stop the Ivory trade  Ensure that Pacific bluefin tuna will not only persist to the next century, but recover to healthy levels, by protecting these magnificent fish under the Endangered Species Act  No to a cooperative management regime with Utah State Parks and Emery County for nearly 195,000 acres of BLM-managed public lands within the San Rafael Swell Special Recreation Management Area, no to increased motorized and mechanized recreational development, no to the privatized, profit-driven business model of Utah's state park system Pres. Obama: Declare Standing Rock a national monument. #NoDAPL  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language/Espagnol. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Ecuador. President: No to killing and poisoning abandoned dogs! Russia. Tougher sentences under Article 245 of the Criminal Code of Cruelty to Animals! Russia. Create conditions for the humane slaughter of livestock! Russia. Take measures to ensure the protection and welfare of the animals of the Red Book! Russia. Prohibit or restrict the use of thermal imagers while hunting wild animals! Russia. Help save the rehabilitation center Animal House in the outskirts of the city of Korolev, Moscow Region, 180 animals! Russia. Tougher punishment for Animal abuse Russia. Just punishment for the catkiller in the Ob Novosibirsk Region Russia. Increase the responsibility of current and former employees of law enforcement bodies (for animal justice) Ukrain. Stop the killing of animals in Starobelsk district, Gosprodpotreb area! Russia. Create an orphanage in the city of Severouralsk for sterilization and vaccination of animals Russia. Demanding animal protection, care and desexing Russia. Close the appalling exhibition of dead animals in the Hermitage
Biotope in Berlin Prosecute Hope's abuser - dog abandoned with hundreds of bite wounds Help Save the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Help Retired Research Chimpanzees Get to Sanctuary... Say No to the Kinder Morgan Transmountain Pipeline  Stop investing my money in fossil fuels  ........
          ========   News and more   ======== the National Anti-Vivisection Society Germany, against the hunt in Bentzin! Is the animal rights organization Peta going too far? Nein! (No) Once every 24 hours, confirm please! Their location will be sold, she and her 54 rescued animals will be homeless soon; please support her, at least by voting!


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