Monday, February 2, 2015

The plight of dogs in Romania

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Mr. President Klaus

Mr. Martin Schulz, President of European Parliament,
Mr. Jean-Claude Junker, President of European Commission,
Mr. Donald Tusk, President of European Council,
Mr. Vassilios
Skouris, Président of the European Court of Justice,
Mrs. Emily O'Reilly, Médiatrice européenne,
Romanian Deputies and Senators,
M. Vintila Chelcea Deputy Mayor Dumitru Gioga.

President, Ladies and Gentlemen,

As European citizens, we take the opportunity to address the plight of dogs in Romania.

In violation of a ban set by the Romanian Constitutional Court, effective January 11, 2012, the Romanian Parliament has ordered the massive slaughter and extermination of stray dogs, effective October 17, 2013.

Since that date, news daily report massive, cruel, barbaric and inhumane killings and euthanasia of dogs in Romania, mainly around Bucharest. Some shelters are even reported to submit these highly sentient animals to a painful slow death, by hanging or poisoning, some unnecessary cruel and inhumane methods.

Though we may understand the concern of the Romanian government regarding the security of its citizens, we should remind that stray dogs are not responsible for this catastrophic situation, but the owners, who have created the problem by breeding them and next abandoning them on the streets and in the fields without any penalty.

At the same time, it must be emphasized that such violent public scenes called by the President of Romania and his government, involving the harassment and killing of animals in plain sight, can only fuel negative psychological impact on citizens, children and adults alike, thus reinforcing social hatred and discrimination.

Such barbaric actions are not those of civilized people standing at the forefront of a technological era; humans cannot claim superiority over animals and at the same time ignore the harm they inflict on vulnerable and suffering sentient beings,.

For a better understanding of the situation, please consult the links at the end of this letter.

As one united voice and united citizens of Europe, we are loudly stating to Romania that we are calling a ban and shame upon Romania as long such unforgivable atrocities continue, and for the barbaric and bloody image Romania throws across Europe and the world!

There exist modern and viable humane methods against canine proliferation.

How is it that despite countless European grants and petitions launched against Romania, this country still continues to disregard the law, ignoring a growing part of its own population loudly speaking against such barbarism ?

Romania's criminal actions should not be permitted to exist within the EU.

Protecting animals is neither stupid or childish; it is not only a duty, but first and foremost an act of humanity!

As citizens of Europe, we strongly seek that Romania take ACTIVE, URGENT and RESPONSIBLE decisions to immediately call off the suffering of thousands of dogs in her country, directly, or through drastic European measures called upon the country.

Please accept the expression of our deepest concern and respect. 

"The Romanian authorities support cruelty against animals. The rendering services receive public funds in order to torture the stray dogs. You are paying for the suffering of the dogs caught and kept in the authorities shelters. We are not talking about isolated atrocities, but system administered by the government and funded on cruelty. Do you agree to pay with your own money the barbarians in the renderings? The corruption accompanies the cruelty paid with public money. We reached to a new level: the lack of transparency protects a hole system of suffering."

In 2015-2016, ASPA intends to kill between 387,000 and 567,000 homeless dogs and has signed a contract with 'STERICYCLE' for their disposal, incineration, and reuse. The contract, signed on 17th of July, 2014, will run over 21 months and has a value of over 1.2 million LEI.


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