Saturday, February 7, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 7

Long List! Amend the AWA to require the humane treatment of animals by Federal Government facilities! Scroll down to take action, US-info Tell Congress to End Farm Animal Abuse at USDA Research Center, US-info, sign at your left (Tweets as well) Turkey, Antalya, immediately end the catastrophic conditions at the dog pound Manavgat / Turkish ‘rescue’, for all sick animals, closely monitoring acc. to Animal Welfare Act §5199! Turkey, Istanbul, dying, untreated dogs in the municipal ‘shelter’ Chile, Stop this new legislation, allowing to hunt 'wild'/stray dogs that are outside urban areas at a distance of over 400 meters! They buried Bart, the Zombie or Miracle Cat alive on purpose, punish those monsters! Close animal 'research' Tübingen University/South Germany!  We want the removal of the cartoon to kill bears Obama: Don't Sell Out the Climate and the East Coast to Big Oil Turn Back Congress's Assault on our Environment! Support the Great Forest National Park Australia's Government: Companies Shouldn't Be Paid to Pollute
                          ===========   News and more   ==========  The humane control of wildlife populations by means of fertility control New EU measures on import of hunting trophies to fight against illegal and unsustainable practices  ...


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