Friday, February 6, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 6 Government of Chile: We demand the abolition of the new law on hunting "wild" dogs! Establishing animal abuser registries, take action please! US-info Congress: Hands Off the Endangered Species Act! US-info Save Oak Flat, Reject Destructive Arizona Copper Mine! Leave a Grand Legacy, Protect the Grand Canyon's Watershed! I support a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, once more Fight back against unsustainable palm oil production For an International Criminal Court for Environment and Health Turkey, Istanbul, a new Dog pound will soon be opened, an Auschwitz for 20 000 dogs, resulting in the largest Massacre in the history of Istanbul! Protest please, sign/share! Arsu Systems, Sweden, using polar bear-hides for insulating materials! Stop the massacre of Polar Bears!  France, we oppose the 'nature reserve' project Upper Loire Valley, it’s a waste of public money, without added value  Don't Let Feds Use "Poison Pills" to Kill Mexican Gray Wolves! Portugal, Bahai and Paraiba, Stop this kind of Rodeo Cruelty!
                            ===========   News and more   ===========  Luxemburg will ban Fox hunting, for 1 year...


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