Friday, February 6, 2015

Nem Thuong, Vietnam, please ban the barbaric Pig-slaughter event!

Subject: Please ban the cruel Pig-slaughter event, Nem Thuong, Vietnam
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Social Republic of Vietnam
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Education and Training
Ministry of Health

Dear Sirs,

I want to express my deepest indignation for the brutal and cruel traditional festival of Nem Thuong village in Vietnam. Two live pigs are brutally decapitated while totally conscious. Then, villagers daub sheets of money in the pig’s blood, in the belief that it would bring good luck in the New Year.

The celebrations include traditional festival features such as a march and live music, but one part of the ceremony is to cut a live pig in half.
I saw the film footage of this and without doubt, this absolutely has to be banned.

It is one of the worst forms of cruelty I have ever seen as part of a 'festivity'. 
Please view on You Tube if you are unfamiliar with this annual 'event'. It is horrendously cruel. The pig is clearly distressed and then a knife
literally cuts the pig in two.

The pig is shuttled around the village before being placed on the ground on its back. 
Assistants hold ropes attached to the pig's legs, spreading the
animal's appendages apart to expose its belly. 
A man wielding a large blade then chops the pig in half, and the villagers rush to smear the blood on
bank notes, hoping for good luck in the new year.

Recently, even the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism declared his opposition to festivals that include brutal and barbarous rites.

It is shameful and morally unacceptable that nowadays animals being killed in the name of traditions, so I ask you to stop immediately this utterly pointless and shocking practice.

Pig Festival For Human Greed
Pigs are seen as money makers and even their blood is considered a sure fire way to guaranteed wealth.The excuse used is that its traditional for animals to be used as a sacrifice to the god of fortune and prosperity. People dip their paper money into the pigs blood.


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