Friday, February 13, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 13  Congress: Keep Politics Out of Wolf Recovery! US-info Please oppose HR 884 and 843. Keep wolves listed and stay out of wildlife protection decisions! US-info  Stray/abandoned animals are not wild animals! Needs 20000 signatures Next step: French Senate, animals are sentient beings! Confirm please (evtl. in the spam box) France, Close the breeding center, selling dogs for experimentation in public and private laboratories, in Mézilles! France, establish a restoration plan for the Lynx in the Vosges! Needs more signatures
Hawaii SB674 is a state bill that will prohibit the trade/sale of ivory in the Aloha state. Send your supportive email/ testimony to: ENETestimony@capitol.hawaii ! Connecticut and Maryland only: animals for experiments, new bills! Shut Down the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center! Needs more attention Xbox (Microsoft): withdraw the video game "Toro" which promotes animal abuse! Pass the Research Animal Adoption Bill: Give Former “Research” Dogs and Cats Forever Homes! Abolish the classification of certain species as pests in France, now trapped and poisoned legally, destroying entire ecosystems!
                             ===========   News and more    =========== B.C. wolf cull will likely last 5 years, assistant deputy minister says!  Judge temporarily blocks the roundup and forced drugging of beloved Nevada herd known from The Misfits! The Wild Horses of the Danuba Delta, Romania

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