Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Petitions and More, Febr. 18  For the Seals, if not signed yet Take action, if not done so; demo’s Febr. 19,  Tweet-action Febr. 21 Germany, Correspondent of the ARD "Day Watch": NO to wearing Fur in the news broadcast! Mrs./mr., (title), first, last name, address, ZIP, town, country, email, email. Confirm! UK: animal experiments are still held in place by the pillars of false science; sign EDM 22! UK ZIP-code, try  E17 5AR ,  SE5 9QB , DY8 1ND , W1H 7AA , EX2 5BB , W4 4HE or M27 0EL Benetton Shows Its True Colours, Fails to Ban Angora Please finish as well all animal testing for cosmetic Ingredients in the EU! Tweet action, now active, Japan, Taiji, be aware!  No to the proposal to open vast portions of the Atlantic coast and the wild Arctic to offshore oil and gas drilling Spain, Municipality of Hospitalet de Llobregat, declare yourself to be Against Bullfighting! Protect North Carolina's Red Wolves! Support the EU Fisheries Commissioner to End Overfishing! Producers of Pirates of the Carribean 5, stop using primates to perform!
                          ===========  News and more   ==========  For the working animals in this world. Malawi, 100,000 donkeys, horses and other animals have been badly affected by floods, support is needed to fight diseases!  BUAV Save Our Monkeys team has delivered its petition to the (new) Mauritius Government 29 Moms And Their Adorable Babies, Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day


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