Saturday, October 25, 2014

Petitions and More, Oct. 25

Change the Belgian Animal Welfare Law, so that stunning before slaughter is mandatory!  And more actions to follow (automated, to sign!)   Members of Congress: support more wilderness protections this year!  Stop the “Empty Oceans” Act, please oppose H.R. 4742!  Brazil: Illegal timber can legally go over the counter at home and abroad. This logging destroys more and more remote forest areas! Protest please!   The image of Ionut instigates to continue the killing of the stray dogs in Romania, although two Appeal Courts decided to suspend the methodological norms of the law regarding the dog management program in Romania!  Colombia, after 5 years without bullfights, Mayor Dionisio Velez Trujillo decided to say yes to this type of spectacles of animal abuse!  Jail for Violating the "Animal Abuse Criminal Code",  bestiality with donkey's, mules and other animals!
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