Thursday, October 30, 2014

Petitions and More, Oct. 30  For a complete ban on this type of livestock markets, linked to fairs and carnivals in the Netherlands; confirm signature please (first link in the mail)  Bank of America: Don't Finance the Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef Bank of America: Don’t Bankroll Reef Destruction!  Graphic. Ban Fur in Classrooms  Mexico, Gov. of Guerrero, order the publication of the Animal Welfare Act of the State of Guerrero, a legal instrument that would allow to punish mistreatment, abuse, neglect, and finally give justice to these beings who have no voice!  Mexico: reflect upon and change the New Animal Protection Act after discussions with the experts  and people concerned  Spain, 10 Reasons against the Draft Law of Castilla -La Mancha Hunting! (even shooting dogs and cats would be allowed!)  Mayor of Petropolis, Brasil: we are against a Vivarium, to breed animals for Vivisection! Spent the budget on simulators and software, already used today in research!  Take $ 2.00 from every Coggins Test $1.00 to Vaccine Research, $1.00 to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. EIA Rescue!
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