Friday, October 24, 2014

Petitions and More, Oct. 24  We, the undersigned, call for the return of the wolf to its rightful place in the North American landscape, and we call upon the FWS to protect wolves as an endangered species until they are fully recovered!  Stop the extermination of Wolves in Norway!  If not signed yet: the Rulemaking Petition provides the USDA with evidence of monkeys suffering in laboratories and suffering symptoms of psychological breakdowns!
Italy, Forte Marghera: the institutions have an obligation to promote and regulate the protection of stray animals, condemn acts of cruelty, ill-treatment and their abandonment, in order to facilitate proper co-existence between humans and animals!
--Petitionhub and Yousignanimals: if problems, scroll down please to where the Twitter symbol is visible, just click on the pictures/regular links there, thanks!--  Netherlands, July 1 2014: self-killing of cats and dogs by individuals is prohibited! But all other pets can be killed unpunished even when they are healthy! Protest!   Help protect New Mexico's last free-flowing river from harmful water diversions  Japan, Prime Minister,  not only comply with the Washington Convention, but prohibit any import and export of ivory, ivory products and rhinoceros horn in the future!  UK - Protect Porpoises as Outlined in EU's Conservation Laws & Stop Their Demise  Stop the construction project of cable car in The Son Doong Cave Vietnam
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