Thursday, October 23, 2014

Petitions and More, Oct. 23

France, Min. Ségolène Royal: No to the destruction of wild animals  NO to the Live Export trade! Scroll down to sign please  Awareness Tweetstorm for Dolphins, Japan, Nov. 7  Argentina, Cordoba: Mr. Mayor Dr. Javier Ramón Mestre: we demand to be informed about the disappearance of the street dogs!  Spain, Extremadura, ensure the humane treatment of the animals in Badajox kennel!
More signatures please  Brasil, Avare: Ban Rodeo's! Enforce the provisions of the Federal Constitution, Art. 225, Paragraph 1, Item VII, which prohibits "practices that endanger their ecological function, cause the extinction of species or subject animals to cruelty" !  Urge BC to Ensure Humane Treatment of Dairy Cattle  Chimpanzees Belong in Sanctuaries - Not Small Cages!
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