Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Petitions and More, Oct. 29

Just in general: after having signed a petition on the blog, right-click on the arrow at your left, at the top; choose the blog to go back to,  for the next petition   (Or open the list twice ) Thanks! Joel Hard, National Park Service, Alaska: I support the protective measures set forth in the newly proposed rules that would prohibit such barbaric "hunting" practices as bear baiting; killing wolves, coyotes and bears with pups and cubs; and killing denning wildlife!  Call or use contactform: CDFW's Director, Charlton Bonham, enforce California's mountain lion protection laws!  Stop using illegal leg-hold snares!   Germany, NRW: Hunting reform now;  resolution for an ecological hunting law in NRW! Please confirm afterwards!  Scroll down to send your message (50,000 needed) Cruelty, cover-ups, corruption. Whichever way you look at it, live export is a crime against animals!  Step up the pressure! Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation, stop supporting these outrageous experiments on animals! Air France, stop transporting monkeys for cruel laboratory research!;jsessionid=AF1725FD9F88382C632B1EBD3E061253.app337a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5467  More attention needed: more than a million young birds die in pigeon races every single year in Taiwan  More signatures needed (extra email) Confirm all please!  Threatening mass starvation of Konik horses, cattle and red deer during winter; to report willful negligence of the animals in the Oostvaardersplassen, Netherlands  Argentina, authorities of Tierra del Fuego: Declaring stray animals as being pests and killing them is NOT the solution! Demand ethical solutions!  Argentina, Cordoba: Let Moro the Bulldog be adopted by a new family, NOT by the animal abuser’s daughter!  Argentina, City of Rio Gallegos: enforce the National Criminal Law No.14.346, from 1954, establishing penalties for people who mistreat or commit cruelty towards animals. In this city, no actions have been taken in accordance with this law!  Argentina, Argentina, 9 million dogs and 3 million cats; create homes for stray animals to be adopted, and have them spayed/neutered to reduce the overpopulation!  Argentina, Santa Fe, the Municipal Institute for Animal Health (IMUSA) should neuter many more animals to prevent the dying and suffering of thousands more  strays!  A law to ban fireworks in Argentina, it’s a tradition which can be changed   It is morally indefensible to exhibit a dead Bull, murdered in agony, and now used as a meal tray!  Stop California's Devastating Plan to Allow Unlimited Pesticide Spraying!  Block the Infrastructure Bill-Stop the Government from selling off the last of the country's assets
                                   ==========   News, video’s, polls, if any   ========  Silke Wrobel, Nohas little Ark, Chania, Kreta/Crete, Greece, harassed by the authorities, again! English text provided  Botosani, Romania, as long as we are able to provide enough food for them no dogs will be killed in this public shelter, please help them!

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