Monday, September 8, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 8  Do NOT terminate the Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina! ZIP: 5 digits. Non-US also!  Still in need of more signatures!  Animals have to be stunned before slaughter! This should be required by law! Email, first, last name, confirm please (link on black background)!  We, European citizens, ordered the end of the Toro de la Vega!  Needs more signatures!  Ask Instagram to stop permitting the sale of live animals!  Click to Send Protest Tweets with Emails (or click for Tweets), and send! 3 urgent actions please!
Many more easy to sign actions will follow!  Several actions, if not taken yet, US-ZIP
Artemis Association, France: create a national database with animal torturers!  Send an email message first, and sign please!  Let the homeless in Gothenburg, Sweden, bring their animals indoors as well to be safe!  Environment Minister and  Mayor of Frejus: make a difference in this so-called zoo in Frejus! Confirm please   EPA: clean up our appliances and prevent climate change!  ZIP: 5 digits  BP must stop its campaign of denial, deception and obstruction, and finally come clean!
End the abuse and killing of innocent animals Uribarri, Spain!
Italy, No hunting in the Provence of Trento!  Saga-Japan, 3 sheltered dogs were gassed despite that they were on their rehoming process
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