Monday, September 29, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 29  UW, Michael Young, Stop this live animal lab and switch to human-based methods!  Support the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 4148)  US-ZIP  Bring legislation regarding scientific procedures on animals in Scotland under devolved control. Click yes for British citizen. Confirm  Stop Gadhimai-slaughter-massacre! Let’s reach 25000 signatures! Confirm please
Tunesian Government, imprisonment for these Cat torturers!  Australia, Victorian election, Nov. 29 2014, do not support the cruelty of puppy factories, duck shooting and jumps racing!  Lift UK Ban on Grassroots Animal Advocate Rod Coronado!  Turkey, Mr. Faruk Akdogan, Nigde, starving shelter dogs trying to survive by eating dead dogs is unacceptable!  Former Monmouth SPCA Volunteer Sentenced to Probation After More Than 300 Dead Animals Found in Home  CA is contributing to this crisis as the third largest ivory market in the United States!
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