Friday, September 19, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 19

Tunisian Prime Minister Mahdi Jomaa: Stop the killing of dogs and cats in Tunisia!!take-action/c1qm  Please take part and sign all petitions  Please register my concern about your live cargo transports of animals to research  facilities! Email message, or petition to sign (scroll down please)  14% Tell the NOAA: Don't Let Sea Lions Go Hungry!
More actions will follow  8 Greenpeace activists who participated in a peaceful protest to protect Indonesian rainforest last March will be going on trial soon   Japan, the Cove, Tweet actions
Also!  Put An End to Namibian Seal Clubbing!   Demand that a wildlife park stops sending lions & tigers to canned hunt farms & bone exporters!
                                     ===========  News, video’s   ===========  IDA's Busan/Gupo Project. Help Make History in South Korea's Dog and Cat Meat Death Camps...  Buffalo Field Campaign, update
USDA's Controversial Wildlife Services Refuses to Help Endangered Ocelot


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