Thursday, September 4, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 4  CCTV into all abattoirs in Scotland by law! Participate under: what can I do   Veterinary Office of the Hannover region, save chimpanzees Mimi and Dolly from their crate and hand them over to the rehabilitation station of AAP in the Netherlands   Support a Ban on dumping in the Reef!  Chile, do not allow the destruction of the last Broncos, Horses, in the reserve located in Yendegaia!  Neither the CONAF nor the ministry of National Heritage had knowledge of this Horse-hunting contract!  Spain, change the legal concept of animals, from being considered 'objects', to sentient beings, as stated  in the European Constitutional Treaty-since it was completed in 1999 by the Amsterdam Treaty Protocol!  Spain, stop the selling of animals in stores like objects!  Stand up to help protect this critical habitat and our right to know what’s happening in Canada’s forests!  Tell Stephen Harper to Protect Canada’s Lakes and Rivers
                                                 =========    News, video’s, polls,, if any   ==========  We need food, deworming, medicins, blankets, dog houses, construction materials! Any small donation is welcome!

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