Friday, September 12, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 12  If not signed yet!  Stop the killing of dogs in Mauritania! First, last name, street, ZIP, city, country, email  Demand That the BLM Prevent a Predator-Killing Contest! If not signed yet! Non-US: state=none, ZIP=5 digits  University of Washington: End the Use of Pigs for Paramedic Training!  Stop selling dolphin and whale products on Yahoo! Japan  The Netherlands: ask Buma to read the book Farmageddon, the true cost of cheap Meat!  1 Action for the Elephants, more to read, St. Korea Dogmeat/Cath. Church!  Please send your protests, Non-US also!  BLM Continues to Ignore Sound Wild Horse and Burro Management Strategies, protest! US-ZIP  More action alerts, if not sent yet, US-ZIP  Protect Bristol Bay from Dangerous Open-Pit Mining! US-ZIP. Membership ....  France: Stop the repression of environmental activists for the Wetlands in Testet! At your right, Courriel, email etc., je signe  Thank Unilever for ending the killing of male chicks! ...   EPA: Allow a carbon tax and make big polluters pay! ZIP: 5 digits   Argentina, No more death and overcrowding of dogs in Salto: regulation and improvement of the dogpound!  Spain: Stop closing the protective animal shelter Másquechuchos of Asturias after 15 years working and striving to build a community that respects the rights of animals!
                                           ===========   News, video’s, polls, if any   =============  Poll at your right: Should eating cats be forbidden? Please vote yes!  Romania, pre-contract for the land, located 15 km away from Bucharest, signed

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