Friday, September 26, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 26  Netherlands, Univ. of Maastricht, Stop very painful, deadly Animal Testing (on Labradors) now!
Please sign/share if not done yet (left-side)!  Philippines, Ramon Jimenez Jr, the dog meat trade embarrasses your country!  Nepalese Government, Stop funding inhumane slaughter at the Gadhimai Festival!  The Cove, Taiji, Japan: Tweetstorm 28 Sept. and email action!  NPS, Protect Wild Horses in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado!  For an International Criminal Court of the Environment and Health!  If not signed yet) 
                                 ===========   News, updates, video’s  ==========   Craiova, Romania, this is an urgent call to help feed the dogs locked up in the public shelter Breasta; they stopped killing them, but they stopped as well feeding them!

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