Friday, September 5, 2014

Petitions and More, Sept. 5   Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission: demand WDFW rescind the kill order on wolves in the Huckleberry pack!  Oppose Maine's lynx trapping permit, deadline today, Sept. 5th!  Oppose leasing dogs and request that this practice is legally prohibited in Brazil! Confirm afterwards, please  No Quarantine for Wild, Migratory Bison! Deadline Sept. 12th  Request the creation of a sanctuary for whales now!  Back the bill to ban wild animal acts in British circuses by 2015  Urge President Obama to make the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument! More petitions will follow!  Stop the search for natural gas with sonic cannons in the Dutch sea near the protected area’s of ​​the porpoises in the marine reserve Borkum Riffgrund! They cannot find food, and the pups lose contact with their mothers!  City and County Rosenheim, we ask for the rescue of the shelter in Rosenheim!
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