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Indonesia, Zoo of Surabaya, a plea for the Animals....

Subject: Indonesia, Zoo of Surabaya
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Subject: Indonesia, Zoo of Surabaya

"Note that I agree completely with this letter"

Dear President,
Dear Surabaya Government,
Dear Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini

I write again to you, but this time with a broken heart and great sorrow.

Mayor Rismaharini, I beg you to allow aid into the animals of Surabaya Zoo, I plead with your humanity to feel the anguish and sorrow from thousands of people around the world.

There is very little left on earth that can shock or appal masses of people worldwide all at once, but over time the horrendous, but preventable ongoing deaths of the animals of Surabaya Zoo has brought thousands around the world to deep and wrenching tears.

The news of the murder of the Lion in Surabaya, hung by a noose, and the visual images of such an act of vile criminal evil, is one of the worst occurrences on captive animals in recent memory. The image of this majestic creature is now burned into the souls of thousands and thousands of people on earth.

Mayor Rismaharini, we understand that you have done good work for the City of Surabaya and no one is denying that. But Mayor Rismaharini, why do you not allow aid to these animals? Why has this murder happened?  There are so many terrible questions that remain unanswered? There is only one question that I want you to answer, as follows:

The internal management conflict of Surabaya Zoo is known worldwide, it is also known that you are highly influential with the Surabaya Zoo.

You have seen the heart of the world crying for mercy on these animals, that also includes thousands of the wonderful Indonesian animal loving public.  The Zoo has been offered so much aid from conservation organisations and animal welfare organisations from all over the world.  I dearly hope that you understand that the offer of help is meant in kindness and friendship, and not in any negative way. I felt I had to include that because to date, Mayor Rismaharini, you have refused any aid to these animals, you have refused any kind offers of help for the Zoo, and it is hoped that you do not feel that these offers of help is an intrusion or insult, and that the offers of help have been taken as an act of kindness and friendship as they were always intended to be.

Mayor Rismaharini, we know that you have done so much good for the City of Surabaya, but now, you do not seem to care for the precious lives of the animals of Surabaya Zoo.

They are protected species, some critically endangered, vitally important creatures on earth.  If you are wondering why some care so much about animals, let me explain why.  Some people think animals are a lower life form, and place an animal’s life as not important enough to be humane to.  Science has proven that animals certainly do have emotion, they feel pain, and they feel everything that their nervous systems are capable of. If you hit a Tiger, it feels the pain, if you tie up an elephant it is in great despair.  The same goes for all creatures.  Imagine what the Surabaya Zoo animals feel.   A simple example of why some people care so much about animals is simply imagine if there were none. Imagine a day that you did not see another bird in the sky or fish in the sea. We must care. We must be humane.

Some of the animals of Surabaya Zoo have come from outside countries and trust was laid in Surabaya Zoo that these animals would be cared for correctly, cared for like they were your own precious children, yes cared for like your own precious child.

But the sorrow that is raining down from Surabaya Zoo is tearing the hearts out of people from every corner of the earth.

My question to you Mayor Rismaharini, does not require you to answer in public if you do not wish to. It is a question that you must answer with honesty, integrity, and one which would define your life on this earth.

Mayor Rishmaharini, If today was the last day of your life, are you content with knowing that the world would remember you as a human being that did not care enough for the precious and innocent creatures inside Surabaya Zoo, who are there not of their own will, but of the wants of humans, and are you content with being remembered as the person who allowed the agonising pain of these animals to go on when so much help has been offered, and are you content with being remembered as the Mayor who did not care that she made the world cry desperate heartbroken tears?

In this world today, there is so much pain and suffering, towards both humans and the creatures we share our earth with. It is like so many human’s have forgotten how to be kind, to be humane.

I pray every night for you, and that you will write back to me and say “yes I will allow the aid to the Surabaya animals and staff”.

In the end, when we are all gone, and generations of our families are alive, history will always remember and teach our future relatives and people of the world, exactly what leaders actions were and there outcomes.

I will continue to pray for “Yes”
Jumuah Khutbah delivered on the 1st of October 2010 by Ahsan Hanif at Green Lane Masjid, Birmingham UK, on the topic of the rights of animals in Islam and the mercy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) towards them.


Sybelle Foxcroft
Director Cee4life
I agree:

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