Sunday, February 23, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 23  Urgent actions! US. Buffalo’s, Defeat the Sportsmen Heritage Act (mailing is still possible/US!), and more
If not done yet, comment please, international!
Support legislation to crack down on wildlife trafficking! US   Netherlands: this Kitten-killer should remain imprisoned! Confirm, click on the blue link in the email, and click on ‘bevestigen’ please!  Canada. Needs more attention  Requiring a mandatory minimum jail sentence of at least 6 months when found guilty of causing serious bodily injury or death to an animal in a cruel manner!  Urge Vigorous Prosecution of Alleged Pet Store Arsonists!     US. A Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics!  Belgium, Boycott Chicken Farming   Spain: No to the revolting practice of using live Quail as projectiles!  Confirm  Stop Idaho's Cruel Wolf and Coyote Derby! Still in need of more signatures!  Stop the Trade of Endangered Whales!
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