Sunday, February 16, 2014

Febr. 16 2014  Hongary, we Do NOT eat Dog Meat! Dogs don't belong under Livestock!  Confirm afterwards please!  Act to keep endangered species Protections for Wolves!
Go to:, copy/paste and adapt the 3 arguments as your comment please! International protest!  Second action, AZ Legislation Threatening Mexican Wolf Recovery Can Still Be Stopped!  Arizona Go to: take Action! Secretary Jewell: Keep Your Word, Rescind the Flawed Wolf Delisting Proposal! US  Send an automated email on behalf of the Stray Animals, Italy! Or copy/paste  Germany, New Agriculture Minister must finally respect Animal Welfare! ZIP 5 digits. NO Uranium Mine Expansion near Natural Bridges National Monument!   More signatures please! Tortured to death!
Stop Trophy Hunting in Peru!  Exhausted Tiger Cub at Fair Needs Your Help  Please Protect the Siskiyou 1 Roadless Area Wildlife Corridor! US  The Flathead, Protect and Connect it!  Just a few more signatures!  Mexico: petitioning Guanajuato for tough laws on animal torture!  Help Stop the Navy's Assault on Whales!  Wolves need you once again! Needs 820 extra signatures! 
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Statistics, Money Business Culling Dogs, Romania (from Carmen Arsene)  Jackie Chan stars in anti illegal poaching advertisement

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