Thursday, February 20, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 20  Actions against Canned Hunting   Say NO to the Suffering of Millions of EU Pigs! Still needs more signatures!   Against the Fox Cull in Italy! Deadline Febr. 28
Mexico: Protective Laws for all Animals!
Dogs are beaten to death, burned alive, poisoned  Demand Justice for Nyxo and End Scientific Intimidation!  Save Endangered Species Habitat on Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge!  Help Prevent More Toxic Coal Ash Spills
                              ==============  News, video’s, polls   ============  from Craigslist ad again, offering free puppies that had been abused....  Vivisection, take the Poll please  Bosnia-Herzegovina, voting has been postponed again  Croatia, another MEP signs the Pledge for Animal Welfare!   Victory! Trophy hunters to use hounds to kill cougars for fun? The Bill was killed! Famous Taiwanese singer Chang Yen-ting, better known as Fei Yu-ching, has donated NT$1 million (US$33,000) to an animal protection group!   Animal Rescue Sofia, Bulgaria

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