Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 26  Please send another letter, Boycott S. Korea, 2014!  China, STOP Animal testing on Cosmetic products!  Stop the Taiji Dolphins killing! Please send a WRITTEN letter to Izumi Ishii . He will then physically deliver the letters to the Japanese Fisheries Agency!!docketDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073  International, for the Mexican Wolf! Go to comment please!  More attention needed  France. Also click the upper box! Confirm please; needs more signatures!
A new legal status for animals! Animals are living beings, not ‘furniture’  Turkey. Present framework of Law  5199 is good. However, application and enforcement give failures. Changes will permit all kinds of persecution, killing and torture of unwanted Animals, in the name of ‘science’; protest please!   Please sign! Needs urgently many more signatures! Romania goes against the EU rulings on behalf of Animal Protection!  11th Hour for the Wolf! More signatures still needed!  Demand that FWS Withdraw their Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal!  As well!
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Iowa Department of Natural Resources is actively seeking information concerning a golden eagle shot northwest of Woodbine on 140th Street. Harrison County  Kiev, Ukrain: some days ago the crowds flung aside the gates and flooded into President Yanukovych's country estate. And his private zoo...Help is on the way  Contest: Just click on the image of the Dog’s Face, and Like! For an extra 1000,- Euro’s for the Romanian Dogs!  the Boy from the Philippines


  1. I am all up to date Anneke and am still checking and signing daily.Thank you for all the hard work you do putting these lists together.Your amazing.Kelly.

    1. You rock! Great! Thank you so much Kelly! (Don't forget the protest-mails...)