Thursday, February 27, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 27   Ohio, Stop the use of Gas Chambers!  Support The Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act (S. 1406/H.R. 1518)! US  Italy. By March 4, 2014 the Government will enact the Legislative Decree formally, changing the Rules on Vivisection, the use of nearly 900,000 animals per year in over 600 public and private laboratories! Art. 13 should be implemented without delay! It provides - among other things - the prohibition of farms as Green Hill, stop experiments on animals without anesthesia, give concrete incentives to alternative methods! Click also ‘si-non’  Tell Staples "Too Soon to Buy From Asia Pulp and Paper!" APP
NON-US also!  Immediate release and return of 8 dogs and a cat, wrongly seized on Febr. 25 2014, by animal protection Westphalia, Wuppertal, and payment of housing costs at the shelter Solingen! This is injustice!
                                                    ===========   News, video’s, poll’s  ===========  Romania’s Dogslaughter, letter from the Animal Welfare Intergroup, Sept. 2013; no consequences...  Craiova, Romania, please support! These dogs were rescued in time, but there are many more,  to spare them an horrific death at Breasta Death Camp!  Dog Pictures, good causes

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