Friday, February 28, 2014

Petitions and More, Febr. 28  Protect Wolves and Coyotes, Stop Contest Hunts!  International protest!  If not signed yet:  Say "No" to the cruel and barbaric killing of millions of animals who are killed for their fur!  The EU Commission is failing European Animals! Please take action (twice)!  More signatures needed!  Sally Jewell & President Obama, please maintain critical Endangered Species Protections for Wolves in the Pacific Northwest! US  More actions to take!  Renovate the Ain Sebaa Zoo in Casablanca, Marocco! Confirm in the mail please!  Do NOT Sponsor the 2014 Iditarod Races! Since the race began more than forty years ago, more than 140 dogs have died during the event!  Take action against Ag-gag bills; legislative alert! US States Stop Capture & Slaughter of Wild Buffalo! US  Pennsylvania only: urge your state representative to vote no on H.B. 1576 and support wildlife experts  Please take action for Ground Squirrels CA, and Wildlife in Colorado! US  Mauritius: Stop the export of monkeys for animal testing! Name, City, email  Please mail to: ; ; ;, ! GMO crops and accompanying pesticides have been wiping out the young monarch's key food source, milkweed
                                                     =============   News, video’s, poll’s  ================  We urgently need a safe shelter in Craiova, Romania!  You can vote for Dean Valentine, an artist who helps Bosnian animals! Just scroll down and click on his track, "Dark Matter" - Pusher Music|Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer 2 : Vote via Facebook/Twitter etc; closing tomorrow!

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