Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Petitions and More, December 9 ZIP=4 digits. Select MPs afterwards Brazil.  Free distribution of vaccines to prevent Leishmaniasis  Congolese Gov.:  Stop Congo's new and damaging forest law!  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions Urgent: help America's wild Horses get a lawyer to save them from roundups and slaughter!  Next court hearing is on Feb. 18, please submit a letter to the court asking that Johnson NOT be offered any plea bargain and if found guilty be sentenced to the maximum of 15 years in prison!  , case number 151912221 Argentina. Attorney number 18 Mendoza. Effective penalty for Ricardo Manson, for setting fire to an abandoned dog in Mendoza! Do NOT let this go unpunished! Punishment for this person and his accomplices for this criminal act, injuring this stray dog and throwing it into the compactor!
Spain. Justice for this dog, beaten and hung till death by a father and son in the town of Caramiñal Turkey. Horse breeders and racers let their Horses perish Argentina. Rescue the dog "Turkish", victim of animal abuse! The owner has killed his other dog before  Colombia. Cai Park Way, la Soledad de Bogota. Safeguard Bruno the dog, the mascot for many of us! Catholic Church, Pope Franciscus, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. If appropriate, retaliate the mistreatment of dogs to those directly involved. Make donations to Latin American animal organizations to mitigate the situation of abuse in our countries! More signatures are needed!  Save Florida Black Bears and Panthers - Fire the FWC Commissioners!
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