Monday, December 28, 2015

Petitions and More,. December 28 India. Support the proposed Lemru Elephant reserve!  Choose español. Log-in/ingresa, after signing, click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions Russia. To prosecute the company for the barbaric murder of Rusalyans polar bear!  Russia. Toughen punishment for cruelty to animals! Turkey. Stray, abandoned animals should be protected by the state, according to the Islam, to take the place they deserve, not locked up in death camps Turkey. Bodrum Municipality. We need temporary shelters for stray animals for rehabilitation Spain. Stop the horror for dogs and cats in your animal pounds! (Incl. English text) Spain. Barcelona. Return Sara the dog to this Bulgarian young man, Chris, the owner Turkey. We want justice for this stabbed dog, and an investigation into the veterinary ambulance Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Italy.  Ploaghe. Justice for the dog Santiago Brazil. São Bernardo do Campo City Hall, clarification needed for the cars bringing dogs back and forth by the Control Center to Riacho Grande by ferry? Facebook, forbid the postings of huntress Kendall Jones Turkey. We ask support for a family which is being threatened by regional housing offices for feeding abandoned animals Spain. Bulletin Boards. Criminalize any sale of living beings, esp. dogs and cats Justice for the cats neglected (died) because of Amanda Dawn Woods
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