Saturday, December 26, 2015

Petitions and More, December 26 If not signed yet. Tell Sec. Sally Jewell to stop off-shore seismic surveys!  Choose español. Log-in/ingresa, after signing, click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions France. Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis, come to the Isle of Reunion (Fr.) to intercede with the authorities and to meet politicians so that animal protection laws are implemented, that perpetrators of abuse and abandonment are punished and that sterilization is made mandatory Argentina. La Calera. Stop this indiscriminate killing of abandoned dogs who we are trying to help and to neuter, and publicly denounce the mayor for allowing this atrocity! Poland. Dismissal of Miroslaw Chudzik as headmaster in the city Urszulin  Lublin in Poland for defending 6 scholars, 9-10 years of age, who tortured a pregnant cat on the school grounds! Argentina. Justice for this dog, Callejerito, maximum penalty for his killers!  Argentina. Tigre. Cared for community dogs "disappeared" under the management of mayor J. Zamora;  uphold the Sarmiento Act to NOT commit acts of cruelty against animals or any living creature! Yulin. We should participate together, to ban this cruel tradition before the next summer solstice, Europe has to make public the indignation vis-à-vis Yulin festival organizers! End all Live Exports to Israel France. Regional council. For a budget to the municipalities in order to finance stray cat associations for cat-sterilization purposes Urge the Tasmanian Government to Ban Clear-Felling of Trees in the Lapoinya Forest
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