Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Petitions and More, December 30 Send another letter, there are more email addresses! Croatia. Dubrovnik. Dec. 20th/21st 2015, over 50 armed officers entered the No-Kill animal shelter on Zarkovica, abducting 65 animals without any court order, taking them to kill-shelters where they will be euthanized after 60 days! The authorities are threatening to do the same with the remaining 300 animals! France. Justice! 171 dead animals were found in a farm in Aisne, Dec. 28th. Many dogs packed in freezers and cats, an iguana and two hawks! More petitions; use translate Google please Closes Dec. 31! Please add your voice and take part, open for everbody! Germany. Mrs. Maria Scharfenberg (Alliance '90 / The Greens), Deputy District Administrator, district Regensburg, should resign for illegal trapping, resulting in the agonizing death of the neighbours cat! Confirm please  Choose your language. Log-in/ingresa, click on peticiones/petitions, after signing again, scroll down for other petitions  Protect National Conservation Lands in the California desert from future mining EU. Neonicotinoids endanger millions of bees and thus our entire ecosystem. Prohibit Bayers new bees killer Flupyradifurone! Russia. We demand that a criminal investigation is started against those involved in blowing up a polar bear on Wrangel Island! Italy. Uphold the protection and defense of the Regional Law 11 October 2012, No. 20 "Regulations for the welfare and protection of pets", against hunters! Urge the Government of Kenya to Take Action to Help Stop the Killing of Lions Due to Human-Wildlife Conflicts! Ban 1080 Poison: It is indiscriminately killing wildlife, companion animals and placing human health at risk! Pass Final Version of Bill to Protect Animals from Painful Chemical Toxicity Tests! Urge Members of Parliament to Ban Testing On Beagles & Ferrets! Don't Kill Rudolph; Place in Reputable Wildlife Sanctuary
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