Monday, December 7, 2015

Letter to the pharmaceutical company ELANCO!

Urgent Action! Please join in! (Google translate...)

The pharmaceutical company ELANCO, a subsidiary of Eli Lilly wants to close one of its laboratories in Friburg, Switzerland, which belonged until the end of 2013 to Novartis. 
On the one hand encouraging, but the company wants to kill all the remaining animals! 
250 dogs, 170 cats, several thousand mice and rats, and some cattle, sheep and pigs have died. 
Our Swiss partner of the Swiss League Against Vivisection (LSCV) have made the scandal public and a lot of people have come forward who are willing to take animals, but the pharmaceutical multi can not yet soften. Please write to ELANCO and Eli Lilly and call on them to release the animals!

Maria Zampaglione, Manager, EMEA Communications

Eli Lilly:

Sample letter (or write your own letter, in English or French):

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

I am shocked to learn that you want to kill hundreds of dogs, cats and other animals just to save money.
Your enterprise is making billions in profit but you are not willing to find new homes for the animals you are responsible for?
There are many people who are prepared to adopt your animals.
I urge you not to kill the animals but to give them to new homes - not just cats and dogs, but all of them!


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  1. This reply came back: Thank you for your note.

    While we do acknowledge and understand the concern expressed about the future of the animals involved in the closure of the site in St Aubin, we regret the continuous spread of speculations. As part of our commitment to animal well-being and the future of the animals on site, Elanco has been working closely with the local government authorities and scientific experts to ensure the welfare of the animals in accordance with all appropriate laws. As of today, Elanco has identified appropriate locations for the vast majority of the animals, including all companion animals, livestock and fish. Employee pet owners in St Aubin will also be allowed to adopt a number of the cats and dogs on-site. Elanco will continue to work diligently with local authorities to finalize solutions for the limited remaining animals.

    Kind regards.