Monday, December 14, 2015

Petitions and More, December 14 Croatia, immediately stop the abuse and torture of animals within your villages by actually arresting, charging the criminals and removing the abused animals! Send your message by email!  If not signed yet. South African government, a ban on Canned Lion Hunting!  Choose  español. After signing (ingresa), click on inicio/home, to scroll down for other petitions  Protect Big Cypress National Preserve from Drilling! Comments on the Nobles Grade 3-D Seismic Survey EA;jsessionid=E38B55EE6D0F8F4A57307F52AED25F0A.app312b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1819  ZIP=5 digits. Oppose Tesoro-Savage's proposal to create the largest crude-oil-by-rail terminal in North America Turkey. Stop the rape of animals, give these monstrous perpetrators the most severe sentence! Brazil. SP-Mairinque. Let's stop this trade, the breeding, fattening and killing of thousands of rabbits a day! Russia. Punished to the fullest extent of the law the cold-blooded killer of the Labrador, in the city of Magadan under st.245, Criminal Code "Cruelty to animals"! Italy. Rome. Withdraw the 'selection' procedure for the management of  pounds for dogs and cats ; do NOT demolish the model which guaranteed job stability, professionalism of workers and animal welfare! Russia. Enlist the Caspian seal in the Red Book, before it is too late! Turkey. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The need for a Cat care and rehabilitation center Turkey. Municipalities. Puppy dogs should be with their mothers in the ‘shelters’; we need coordination with volunteers for adoption, care and vaccinations We want the condemnation of Gleydson Silva for crime, slander, defamation and mistreatment of animals; if criminals are not punished, they will continue to harass and oppress those who care, rescue and protect animals! Spain. City of Malaga. Ban the sale of firecrackers and rockets, and consider them as a form of animal abuse Spain. Remove the 21% VAT/taxes on veterinary treatments. Animals have a right to be medically treated Maywood Park Racetrack: Do Not Kill Your Horses! I demand harsher punishments for the soulless, evil people who abuse, torture and kill innocent animals
                ==========   News and more   ========== Google translate. Croatia. Abandoned and abused dogs in Međimurje, Roma settlements  About the help for abused dogs, Monday meeting with ministers Killing Pets Can Now Land Perpetrators Five Years in Jail


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