Monday, August 4, 2014

Stop the torture of animals in the Russian Federation!

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Subject: Help to stop the torture of animals in the Russian Federation

Members of the European Parliament,
Dear Sir, Madam,
To whom it concerns:

I have an urgent request: please try to stop the torture of animals in the Russian Federation!

These are the facts :
Killing and cruel treatment of animals are common in many different parts of the world. Russia is one of those places where voices of protest have been raised against extreme cruelty inflicted on homeless animals.
Millions of homeless animals (mostly dogs and cats) are being brutally killed by so-called "dog hunters" in Russia. They are shot, poisoned, beaten, even in presence of little kids.
People who torture them, put pictures on their website because they are proud of their crimes against innocent animals.
Terrible find in the city dump in Orenburg!. Mp4

There is no justification for this !!!!
Russian public (activists for the rights of animals) hasn’t the right to supervise work of the Moscow’s municipal shelters. The Russian activists for the rights of animals haven't the right to supervise methods of murder of homeless animals, which are made by the orders of governors.
The Russian activists for the rights of animals have no right to supervise methods of murder of agricultural animals during epidemics.
The Russian journalists showed many reports about cruel murders of animals which was made by the orders of officials (including by the orders of governors).
But officials of the Russian Federation don't consider it as crimes or a shame because they consider animals as things. They consider homeless animals as “biological garbage”.
The “biological garbage” is an official term of Soviet documents about homeless animals.
Sources :

Op-Ed: State-sponsored cruelty to animals in the Russian Federation Journalists (including Independent Television Company НТВ and newspaper KP.RU) published reports about burning of animals alive, including healthy horses, during epidemic of pork plague. Animals were burned by the orders of the Governor of the region of Nizhny Novgorod, Valery Shantsev. Officials burned animals alive because it is much cheaper than euthanasia.
Criminal behavior of Kremlin officials :
The officials in Russian Federation BURN PIGS ALIVE!. This video is from Voronezh region. July 2013. It is the reporting of “1КАНАЛ” (it is the most known TV company of Russia) Corruption of officials in the Russian Federation.
Pseudo-democracy. Lawlessness.

Officials BURNED herd of HORSES and stray dogs ALIVE (Russian Federation)!
Death camp for stray dogs. Illegal hunting of the Kremlin officials.
The plenipotentiary of president Medvedev SHOT RARE ANIMALS by Kalashnikov assault rifle. (Russian Federation).


 Russia’s prepares ‘terrifying’ new law to allow animal cruelty
in modern Russian Federation, there is a peculiar structure which consists of the corrupt officials, deputies, employees of camps of death for homeless animals, and hitmen of stray dogs.  And the government of the Russian Federation allows them to do it.
For many years, the Russian activists for the rights of animals are fighting against severe conditions of absolute corruption and lawlessness.
The corrupted Parliament of the Russian Federation enacts such laws which will make the status of animals (and status of activists for the rights of animals) worse in the Russian Federation
Now only the international protests (directed to you Members of the commission of European Parliament) can help vulnerable animals in Russia.

Any effort or initiative on your behalf in this matter will be greatly appreciated!



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