Friday, August 15, 2014

Petitions and More, August 15  BLM, deny Idaho for Wildlife's permit (killing contests) request! Non-US: state= none, ZIP=5 digits Urgent: You Can Prevent Predator Killing Contests in Idaho! Non-US: state=none, ZIP=5 digits, deadline August 18! (go to ‘End killing contests’!)  Take action, Battle for the Ban, Stand firm against any and all attacks on the federal ivory ban!  The group aims to gather 500 people to slaughter as many predators as they can near Salmom, Idaho! Prevent this!  Non-US as well!   Joint statement of animal welfare organizations or individuals on planning for humane stray animal population management ahead of international Sports Events!   Sign to End the Toro de la Vega in Spain!  Tell Whole Foods to Stop Killing Bunnies! And:  Stop Bobcat Fur Farm in Montana!   Help save the Manatee! Non-US as well  Important action alerts!  Request the EU to tackle production of foie gras hard!  More actions for the Environment!  No exception for ritual slaughter of animals! The meat palace should not be opened! More signatures please  Demand That the BLM Prevent a Predator-Killing Contest!
                                                           ==========   News, video’s, polls   ============  If not read yet: Public Shelter in Giurgiu - historically significant contract enforced for cooperation. Successfor German-Romanian animal protection. Use Translate please  Dr. Aurelian Stefan will face the sporting challenge of a triathlon, in order to raise funds for Romania Animal Rescue's Homeless Animal Project in Craiova, Romania!  For International Animal Rescue Work, news  ‘ Animals who saw you naked’


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