Saturday, August 23, 2014

Petitions and More, August 23  Netherlands, Univ. Maastricht: 39 labradors are about to be used in very painful heart failure experiments! 1 in 3 dogs will die during the experiments, at the end all dogs will be killed! Sign below to protest please: first, last name, email, city, country (newsletter no/yes)  Support the Montreal SPCA and Prosecute the heinous crimes against animals taking place in Quebec.Help to save the 80 foxes, scroll down to sign please!
As well!   Deadline August 25, Manatees sanctuary,  to sign....  4.3%  From Carmen Arsene: The European Court of Justice has called on the European Commission Regarding the Issue of Stray Dogs in Romania (and Other Member States)! Scroll down for English text please! Share as much as possible! 100 Statements needed!  Germany, Facebook: Stop this shameful and cruel behavior towards horses and other animals  ..  In recent years, homeless dogs and cats of all ages are brutally murdered by agents of the organization of animal control of most city councils in Iran
Urgent, a few more signatures needed  People and protected species (sea turtles, migratory birds) are being killed by beach driving
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Fostering for the remaining dogs!


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