Thursday, August 21, 2014

Petitions and More, August 21  Male Buffalo calves are killed by drowning them in excrements, by hammering them to death or by letting them starve, Sign please!  From Carmen Arsene: The European Court of Justice has called on the European Commission Regarding the Issue of Stray Dogs in Romania (and Other Member States)! Scroll down for English text please! Share as much as possible!  Government of Nepal, Stop funding Gadhimai and all inhumane slaughter festivals! More attention still needed!  Several action alerts!  US, and some for Non-US as well
Needs many more signatures fast!  Tell EPA to prevent a mining catastrophe in Alaska
                                                       ============    News, video’s, polls, votes, if any  ========  Stop the ASPA in Bucharest, Romania; together AGAINST the horrible situation of the stray dogs in Romania, non-graphic  EU: Subsidized Breeding of Foals for the Slaughterhouse, we have to buy these Foals free!


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