Saturday, August 2, 2014

Petitions and More, August 2  Help Us Tell It Like It Is: Animal Research Is Murder! US-ZIP  Ask NIH to Stop Funding Cruel UW Experiment on Cats!  Needs more signatures, still active! Austria, Stop the hunters-allowed to kill dogs- law!   Stop the illegal killing of Dolphins in Brazil!  Give Whales your Voice!   Support Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals! Again please. US only  Please sign these actions as well, needing more signatures! International!  Shut down US based Marshall BioResources/commercial vivisection breeder of beagles & other animals!   Tell LEGO to Cut Ties with Shell
                                                                ==========    News, video’s, polls, if any   ============= The BLM is targeting these horses because of the Rock Springs Grazing Association, whose members receive taxpayer subsidies to graze their livestock on our public lands!  Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Romania:  I will run again for the homeless animal cause!  Raising funds for RAR 's project Homeless Animal Hospital in Craiova, there is a matching donation of 3000 USD from an anonymous donor!


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