Monday, August 4, 2014

Petitions and More, August 4

Esp. nr. 5! and add your comment (go to ‘comment now’) please!  (before Sept. 23 2014) International action!  MI, US-ZIP: Voters should retain power to decide whether wolves should be hunted,  reject the “Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act” petition!  Vote Oppose please! H.R. 5058: Wild Horse Oversight Act. US-ZIP, login  Help stop elephant torture, tell South Africa’s President Zuma that elephants in his country need his help! Needs more signatures  Stop this Cruelty! Please only fill out this form if you attend or attended a University of Wisconsin school   Please limit crude oil tankers at Cherry Point   Schwarzenegger is part-owner of Dimensional Fund Advisors, a money manager with deep ties to forest destruction through logging and palm oil companies  Wilmar: Make good on your palm oil promises  Declare your independence from the bee-killer in your backyard   Save Chaco Canyon from the threat of fracking   Help to stop the torture of animals in the Russian Federation    Stop Blood Sports, Animal Trapping!   NY Beagle Freedom Bill signed late & did not become law in 2014
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