Monday, June 8, 2015

Petitions and More, June 8

Costa Rica, adopt the draft Law against Animal abuse!
Congress, Guatamala, approve the Law for Animal Welfare and Protection now!
Cuba, enact a law for the Protection of Animals! If not sent (all) yet: protest, Yulin, China! More actions for the dogs and cats, China, Yulin German Shepherd stolen from Istanbul beach, video images Petition to the EU Commission against Bullfighting and Blood Fiestas Grants! Supplying these poachers with a market to sell their blood ivory the U.S. is helping to pull the fatal trigger! Several petitions to sign, animal welfare! Italy, Pres. Renzi, stop this environmental disaster, stop the use of airguns, artificial earthquakes or bombs, in oil exploration in the Sea of ​​Sardinia! Urgent: The Bamboo Lemur is critically endangered, estimation between 100-160 in the wild!  Urgent: The small population of about 1,100 individuals is threatened and is a critically endangered No More Mountaintop Removal Permits-for Coal River Mountain! Urge the Australian government to ban the release of balloons to save wildlife from premature Deaths
                =========  News and more   ========,2040949.php France, poll, Bullfighting: French Heritage or scam? Please vote for: C'est affreux, et nous n'avons pas à en faire la promotion! (It's terrible, and we should not promote it!) 66 %


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