Thursday, June 18, 2015

Petitions and More, June 18 July 1: BoycottCambridge end vivisection Tweetstorm/online action!  Urge the SNP to help keep Hunting with Hounds illegal in England and Wales!  Poland: ban the slaughter of our Horses in Italy! US-info. Stop congress from becoming the largest threat to wolves! US-info. Oppose H.R. 884, H.R. 843 and the recent H.R. 1985 - legislation that attempts to delist wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington, Utah and Oregon! US-info. Stop the Senates Wolf delisting rider! Support Udall Amendment to remove anti-wildlife riders in Interior Appropriations Bill!  50,000 sheep are on their way from New Zealand to Mexico by ship!  American Humane Association and Foster Farms: stop lying to the public and stop abusing animals! Italy, another 20 animal victims in this ‘kennel’ ! If not signed yet. Tell Congress: Don’t gut the Land and Water Conservation Fund Urge NOAA to protect our oceans from an increased risk of overfishing
                 ===========  News and more  ======= Yang Xiao Yun, Tianjin Stray Rescue Centre


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