Thursday, June 4, 2015

Petitions and More, June 4 Message: 66 research Chimpanzees, abandoned by you, are in danger of dehydration and starvation; I urge you to reinstate funding for this chimpanzee colony in Liberia today, before it’s too late! Download, open, copy/paste for your message: stop the export of wild Elephant baby’s from Zimbabwe to China! Air France-KLM: Stop transporting Monkeys for Animal testing labs! Urgent, copy/paste to send your email!
Canad, no import of Fur and Leather from China! Once more. Jose Maria Zubiri Jr: please stay strong for Horses US-info. Dogs save Lives! But you knew that! Now, please tell Congress Mr. Stewart, the era of tax-payer funded, old-growth clear-cuts should end! Victory, BUT: next action, NC residents! Int., email

,,  : I urge you to respect and accept the Governor’s veto of HB 405, the Ag-gag bill, being opposed by the vast majority of North Carolina voters because it would harm animals, children and the elderly! Action against Mason Wixon, Louisiana, decapitating 200 year old endangered Turtle!
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